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All your dreams come true
Andrew’s dreams
Two passions have been running through my veins and, finally, are featured on this page! — books, that make us grow as human beings, and underwear, which is, actually, the principle thing that differs us as humans from animals.
The Lingerie of such high quality as a masterpiece, which makes us feel so special that we live our most memorable moments even if nobody can see what’s underneath or can slightly see a fragment.
And there we go, — making clothes inspired by all types of lingerie garments from Edwardian corsets to nighties and jumpsuits, so you can experience that charismatic state wearing "lingerie" outside.
Whatever mood you are in today — a Playful Pinup Diva or an Unstoppably Focused Fitness Model, a Femme Fatale or just a Sweet Cozy PJ’s Party Hostess, you are welcome to surf here as long as you like.
And please, feel comfortable to ask for customization if you think of one. Choose you own style or try something unusual, experience and discover all edges of your unique personality, we are here to assist!
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